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Story | Divine Order

I am Dalys!

I am ecstatic that you are visiting my page; it means you are ready to bring order or simply enhance your home and life.

I am Dalys Macon, a wife and mother of two young adult sons, Professional Organizer and founder of D’Vine Order LLC. My life revolves around Christ, family, friends and all things yielding to living a simplified and healthy lifestyle.  After years of organizing my family and friends’ homes, my passion for organization now fuels my missionusing my gifts to transform and bring order to your space. 

 As a teen growing up in the Republic of Panama, I maintained an orderly room and a closet admired by friends. My mom, a seamstress, ensured our home was not only organized but styled. As a result, I developed a love for beautiful spaces and clothing at an early age. Add to that, my dad was a talented artist, so I also inherited a keen eye for color and design. Mom would periodically grant me permission (after much nagging) to rearrange the furniture in our living spaces. Countless visits to the fabric store with her, exposed my learning of fabrics and patterns. The creative freedom my parents allowed, planted a gift that developed in a way that I now know does not come naturally to many. 

 As an adult, my “aha moment” came years ago as we studied the Spiritual Principle of Organization at church—God’s plan to simplify our lives. It was never meant to be complicated. After a 35+ year career spanning from military service to Information Technology management, D’Vine Order unlocks my creative side. As a Professional Organizer in the Washington, DC Metro area, it is Dalys’ mission to have…

“Your Space Organized, Simplified & Styled.”