The College Edition

August 6, 2021


Let’s face it, in spite of our greatest efforts to exercise Safety, COVID-19 still has us pivoting to find best ways to Organize your Home and Life and meet your needs.  At D’VINE ORDER we take extreme COVID safety precaution measures when working on-site. In addition to wearing masks, limiting interaction with our Clients while on site and requiring our Clients to sign a COVID Safety Release Form prior to our on-site work, Virtual Organizing is the best level of protection we can offer. Following are 7 Benefits of Virtual Organizing Sessions:

1. Overwhelming feeling removed. As your Professional Organizing expert, we know how and where to begin! We recommend and help you implement best solutions tailored to YOUR space and lifestyle.

2. Simplified Approach—larger projects broken into smaller goals. We work room by room based on your needs to simplify every desired space. Suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel and your end-goals are achievable.

3. Location doesn’t matter. We can work virtually from anywhere and with greater frequency to bring the desired order to your home and life. You organize from the comfort of your home.

4. Health Safety! organizing virtually adds another level of health safety & protection without delaying your project.

5. Accountability. Not only are you provided guidance through our virtually session, you are also provided a detailed follow-up execution plan to include recommended products listing with links for purchasing (e.g., the Container Store, Amazon, Target). If you’ve started this process and are stuck, no worries. You are also granted follow-up text messages to the Pro Organizer.

6. Affordability. Virtual 30-min sessions are a more affordable option. You are able to book one, ongoing or as many needed sessions to achieve your desired goals.

7. Simplified Living. Clear Space = Clear Mind. Removing items that no longer serve you, makes room for things of greater importance.



1️⃣  Visit website at and book a FREE initial 20-min Discovery Phone Call to discuss your desired goals.

2️⃣  Following initial discovery Accountability phase: you schedule a 30-min Virtual Organization session(s) and we meet. Sessions are conducted via FaceTime, Zoom or Google Duo.

3️⃣  We follow-up with your detailed plan to include recommended products. 


Remember to schedule your initial 20-min FREE Discovery call and let’s chat about how I can assist YOU in meeting your goals to living a SIMPLIFIED LIFE!