Capsule Wardrobe Benefits

I love shopping in my principal closet from which I extract outfits for a particular month or season. Selected outfits are based on my top activities and my favorite colors for that month or season. These selected pieces become my Capsule Wardrobe…

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To Decant or Not

To Decant or Not April 16, 2022 Should you decant your food into visible containers or maintain in original packaging? It really is a matter

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Eco-Friendly Living

Eco-FriendlyLiving June 1, 2021 Most of us regularly recycle at home—bottles, paper and plastic. In our home we simplified the process for recycling by investing

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tablet with calendar for 2021, a cup of coffee and a red alarm clock on a wooden background flat lay


Reset August 16, 2020 “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” -Ben Franklin. One of my all time favorite quotes! Even in

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Business graphs and charts


Pivoting July 1, 2020 As a result of COVID-19 Pandemic, one of the things many companies and business owners have had to do is PIVOT.

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