Time Management &
Teleworking Plans​

April 28, 2020

Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management

COVID-19 Quarantine restrictions have found most spending increased time at home. This will now require reevaluating and rescheduling how we manage our time. Having teleworked for four years here are ways to manage your time that will benefit both you and your employer during this period:


*Establish boundaries—schedule start and stop times as done when reporting to the office; adhere to those times as much as possible or you will find there are always tasks that will find you working extended hours. However, maximize flexibility granted by employer as well (i.e., core hours allows for later start and a mix of longer and shorter days to meet standard time-period hours).

*Take 5-10 minute breaks away from your workspace after 50-60 minutes of continuous computer screen time, it reduces back pain and eye strain.

*Schedule lunch break on calendar and honor that time. In the beginning I frequently worked through lunch or ate lunch at my desk—it is not healthy. Step away and return refresh!

*Schedule one daily chore that you can complete during a short break or lunch (i.e., start a load of laundry, unload dishwasher, begin preparing dinner earlier)

*Establish a dedicated work space—desk, table or office; it makes boundaries clear for family as well. When dedicated work space is limited, create a mobile office using a bin or basket (preferable with handles). Add office essentials–laptop/ electronic devices, current files, processes/reference material, planner/calendar, pens/pencils, notebook, etc. 


*Establish consistent schedule for school-age children—include learning, activities, tasks/chores and fun. Children respond better to routines.

*Plan family activities – watch movies, reading time (everyone grab a book), prep a meal together, view old photos, play games. All those wonderful activities you wish upon while at the office. Most will gain at least an hour with no commuting time; use it to your benefit.


*Exercise at home; go for a quick walk.

*Drink plenty of water and snack on healthy fruits and snacks; it is easy to fall into bad habits when food and drinks are readily accessible at home.

*Set-aside time to be quiet, relax and meditate.

*Schedule time for your favorite hobby or craft.

*Read a book, listen to a podcast or watch a how-to video. 


*Spring clean; it is the perfect time to deep clean, disinfect, dust and polish around your home.

*Purge—pick a drawer, corner, room or space to declutter. Not sure where to start, refer to Instagram, Facebook posts, Pinterest, magazines or internet searches for resources and inspiration.

*Jump-start the season with a Spring Closet Renewal—great time to tackle your clothing and linen closets. 

Time Management is crucial to accomplishing tasks and having order in your life. Do not forsake scheduling time to accomplish required and desired tasks because of a change in location. Instead focus on organizing your time and schedule around your priorities.