To Decant or Not

April 16, 2022

To Decant or Not

Should you decant your food into visible containers or maintain in original packaging? It really is a matter of preference and how you need that space to work for you. However, here are a few good reasons to consider decanting:

  1. It makes items readily visible and aesthetically beautiful.
  2. Since visible, it allows you to gauge how much is left; you know when to replace/refill.
  3. It keeps contents fresh and properly sealed.
  4. It often saves space; product packaging is bulky.
  5. It saves $$$; you buy what you know and not what you think you need.


What some might view as cons:

  1. Cost of containers; it’s an investment.
  2. Time needed to regularly decant and maintain.
  3. Accessibility to key information (e.g., instructions, recipes, expiration dates).
Decanting and labeling goes hand in hand. Use a chalk/dry erase marker or printed label to add key info to containers. You may cut-out key info from packaging and tape on back or bottom of container.

It’s important to assess how often content is accessed and by whom. Consider acrylic over glass containers if intended for regular children use (e.g., cereal container).

In summary, the pros of decanting, often outweighs the cons, but in the end, it’s a matter of preference. Since eating healthier is a top priority here, this picture depicts a dedicated space for healthy snacks in kitchen now easily accessed by all!